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Ao no Fuuin
Status Completed
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Ao no Fuuin

Soko begins feeling debilitated not long after moving to another city, obviously for no great explanation. However lovely as she may be, a ton of folks begin to annoy her, particularly Kashi. While attempting to assault her, Kashi vanishes and following a couple of days another person shows up professing to be Kashi. What's more, everybody except Soko accepts him!He tells her he is Akira the Byakko, from the group of the West. Since she is the rebirth of Souryo, the sovereign of the Oni from the group of the East, a beast that decimates people stay alive, he should obliterate her and delete her qualities from Earth. He is the one in particular who can kill her and the one that should do as such. Soko is frantic. Is it true that she is actually a beast? For what reason does she have human recollections? For what reason does she need to bite the dust? Can she change her predetermination and remain alive? from SIH
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Ao no Fuuin


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