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Haru To Rui No Nyanderful Love Life!
Status Ongoing
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Haru To Rui No Nyanderful Love Life!

Haru, is a stray cat who got picked up by a beautiful lady. After happily going home with her, he sees another cat, Rui, who is bigger and cooler than him! Haru, who sees Rui as a rival, says, "I will never get along with you!", But Rui just chuckles softly. One day, Haru, who had gotten shots at the hospital, suddenly gets a fever. He's thirsty, dizzy, and his penis aches...!! While Haru's body is in heat, the feeling of Rui's large hand is so nice--!? A heart-pounding, erotic BL with anthropomorphic tomcats, a love unfolds between a sweet and gentle fluffy black cat and a naive mischievous cat!
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Haru To Rui No Nyanderful Love Life!


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