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Hundreds Of Options For Becoming A God
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Hundreds Of Options For Becoming A God

The 6th ruler of Southern Chu was chosen as his child in-regulation, and passed on from a major ailment en route toward the Western Qin Kingdom. The legend's spirit went through the sovereign and turned into a misuse of Chai Lin Feng, and simultaneously actuated the super choice framework. With the brief and help of the super choice framework, Lin Feng got through the restrictions of development and begun an existence of counterattack. As Lin Feng's solidarity became more grounded and more grounded, he additionally made a couple of companions and friends. With his exceptional gifts, he was owned up to Donglin Wonderland to develop immortals. He arrived at the zenith of life and set off the fundamental assignment of the framework. "Decide to turn into a divine being." But the more grounded Lin Feng's capacity, he saw the dim rivalry and gobbling up side of different races and powers, when Lin Feng saved these races, he additionally continually actuated more errands and prize components in the super choice framework, and the actual framework became more astute and more brilliant. Human instinct assisted Lin Feng with completing the various streets to becoming gods.
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 6 months ago
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Chapter Hundreds Of Options For Becoming A God


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