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It’s Time to Stop Looking for a New Family
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It’s Time to Stop Looking for a New Family

I needed to turn into the top of the family. Laetitia, left in the cold since she was an ill-conceived offspring of the duke, was utilized as a replacement. Her commitment to that was impeded by Sujin, an encourage little girl from that world. Her passing was because of bogus allegations. However, after her last minutes, she awakens as an eleven year old young lady once more. 'In this life, I'll clear my own specific manner forward.' "I will leave the family." Laetitia frees herself of the neglected family and travels north. There, she meets the blood-and-iron disapproved of Countess Winter, and offers an arrangement. "Kindly support me, Countess." "What is a duke's girl ready to accomplish for the Winters, assuming the Winters cover you?" "In return for an agreement, I will fix the revile lying on the Winters' territory." In this subsequent life, the more I attempt to keep away from it, the more I get ensnared in these hazardous yet captivating connections… "Going about however you see fit. You shouldn't have saved me, on the off chance that you won't glance back at me." "If it's not too much trouble, leave the archmage, and accept me as your significant other." A tempestuous second life. Can Laetitia find another family?
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 5 months ago
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Chapter It’s Time to Stop Looking for a New Family


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