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Jinsei wa Futsuka dake
Status Ongoing
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Jinsei wa Futsuka dake

A female scientist artificially produces babies to make a ton of cash. However, her gay guy friend proposes that she raise a baby herself… Beginning with the stunning debut work “Birthday”, this also contains “Right Nightlight”, about a lazy boy being pushed around by his unstable cousin; “Kin ringo-chan no koi”, about a Lolita’s pure love; “Usagi no Naru Ki”, about a female high schooler haunted by her dead brother; “Bianca”, a SF work taking place in a plant at the bottom of the Mars’ ocean; and “Jinsei wa Futsuka dake”, the title work about a sullen young man in front of whom suddenly appears a little girl, and how they get along.
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On 4 months ago
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Chapter Jinsei wa Futsuka dake


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