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Junjou Romantica
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Junjou Romantica

: Takahashi Misaki is abruptly having a few unforeseen and odd issues. Which began as a requirement for some, school placement test coaching has some way or another drove him to being romanced by a smooth more established man who additionally is his older sibling's closest companion. Befuddled by each of his pristine feelings, Misaki battles to manage his abruptly extremely odd life. Furthermore, on the off chance that that wasn't sufficient, his admirer, Usami Akihiko, has a lot of issues of his own. A man-kid who designs his room in goliath teddy bears and toys, Usami is a renowned author who additionally composes hot young men's adoration books as an afterthought. At the point when Misaki airs out one of these books and peruses sentences like "Usami licks every last trace of Misaki's hot body"… indeed, we should simply say that crap hits the fan. Furthermore it doesn't assist with Usami guaranteeing he's infatuated with him. : Kamijou Hiroki is a wrecked man, consumed by solitary love for his cherished, lifelong companion, Usami Akihiko (the essayist from Junjou Romantica). Along comes Kusama Nowaki, whose name "Nowaki" signifies "hurricane", a vagrant managing life since center school. Like the hurricane he is named for, he spins into Hiroki's life and heart, blowing all obstruction away before him. : As destiny would have it, Miyagi Yoh (whom Hiroki is working with as partner teacher) and Takatsuki Shinobu, a secondary school understudy, run into each other. Pieces of pieces begin to connect together from the initial two stories. That to the side, Miyagi, who has a miserable concealed past in himself including a relationship with his educator, is confronted with Shinobu, who simply expresses out loud whatever is at the forefront of his thoughts. The wheel of predetermination is starting to divert once again...
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 6 months ago
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Chapter Junjou Romantica


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