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In the Kijima-kun series: V.1 - Omae no Kawaii Kijima-kun An attractive person named Tachibana, Sousuke runs into a touch of misfortune with the schools reviled dark feline otherwise called Kijima, Subaru. Because of this misfortune Tachibana breaks his glasses and can't see without them, when he was at his most awful second a more odd aides him. In any case, Tachibana can't understand what its identity is, so he asks another person and they say its "Kijima". Tachibana chooses to compose a thank you letter however commits an error and sends it to some unacceptable Kijima. Believing that he's been overlooked, he chooses to compose more letters. More sensual letters so that "Kijima" can't disregard him, yet rather than the adorable Kijima showing up, the alarming dark feline Kijima shows up! Kenen Love Battle:: This story takes up the greater part of the manga. It's around two money managers who give off an impression of being rivals on a superficial level yet are really sweethearts and it's spins around their relationship high points and low points. Portrayal by LuffyNoTomo V.2 - Boku no Itoshii Kijima-kun V.3 - [i][/i]
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Kijima-kun


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