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Megami no Libra
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Megami no Libra

Yuuki Tsumire was raised by her single parent, who generally advised all her grinning, come what may difficulties she persevered. Both of them were a family, until Tsumire's mom kicked the bucket from disease. Tsumire before long discovered that she had a family she knew nothing about: a chilly, rich family that repudiated her sympathetic mother when she became pregnant. Tsumire presently should go live with this family, despite the fact that not even one of them appear to need her there. She doesn't need to switch schools, so she basically has her companions to help her through this troublesome time. In any case, she doesn't have the heart to trust in her companions with significantly more issues, so she attempts to keep it restrained inside. Amazingly, the Yuuki family legal counselor, a young fellow named Hino, before long turns into her consistent reassurance in this tough spot. Notwithstanding, Tsumire's responses to him could imply that she wishes he were another element... Much gratitude goes to tethysdust for the summary.
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Megami no Libra


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