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Mirai Nikki
Status Completed
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Mirai Nikki

Second year center school and 14 year old, Amano Yukiteru, is a kid who generally disapproves of making companions. He keeps a journal on his cell of the things he witnesses, trusting himself to be an onlooker to the world's happenings. Yuki's just salvation from isolation are his fanciful companions, one of whom ends up being the not so nonexistent Deus Ex Machina, an obvious ruler of existence. Deus tells Yukiteru he's arranging a 'fun game' and overhauls his wireless to another model which predicts what's to come. Yuki rushes to manhandle his new power however is taken back to earth when the journal predicts his own passing. In the wake of figuring out how to battle off his eventual killer, Yuki finds Deus' down includes himself and eleven others with precognative journals to battle to the demise for a fantastic award going to the sole survivor. Outgunned and frantic to get by, Yuki collaborates with Gasai Yuno, his maniacal stalker who'd do anything from killing to biting the dust for him. A marvelous story brimming with turns and betrays results as the twelve journal holders scramble to find every others' personalities while keeping themselves alive. Rate this story

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