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Missing Rebirth
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Missing Rebirth

This world comprises of 5 aspects, the fifth is the world wherein people live, however everything's changed and doesn't become typical, when a monster comet handled 100 quite a while back and due to that Espers, Aliens, Demons,Vampires and different animals which are currently called OUTLAWS existed and Time Travelers appeared. What's more, the outcome to had a 1 association in every nation and called it W.U.O= World Unified Organization. The said association is the one which coordinated the venture to check and dissect the monster comet which had been landed and they referred to it as "Task Eve". What's more, our ordinary fundamental person who's name is Xavier who is a typical individual however everything changed began when he experienced a puzzling young lady, who is this young lady? Furthermore, what will they meeting bring. Follow the account of our characters as their bond beginning to formed! Rate this story

Chapter Missing Rebirth


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