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Renai Kyoutei Nukegake Nashi!
Status Completed
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Renai Kyoutei Nukegake Nashi!

A infantile understudy, Shirou sticks with his educator, Oka. Masami, an old buddy of Shirou's, who has esteemed him like a sibling, is stood up to by Ryuuji, one more companion of them, concerning his actual affections for Shirou. Masami and Ryuuji finish up a men of honor's understanding, in which both of them can't hit on Shirou. Ryuuji orders Masami to substitute and deal with his sexual longing rather than Shirou.
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 6 months ago
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Chapter Renai Kyoutei Nukegake Nashi!


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