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Sarou no Ryoshuu
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Sarou no Ryoshuu

A assortment of oneshots some which are connected with a last part connecting every one of the dapper folks together. 1)Prisoner of the Desert-Businessman flunky Hibiki thought his casual sexual encounter with Prince Zyad in Japan would be the last time he would see the attractive sheik. In any case, when he visits Zyad's nation and is dishonestly detained as a covert agent, there's just a single man he can go to. 2)Embraced by Guiltiness-When there's a press spill at the service, everybody falls under doubt. At the point when women man Yura finds Shirase's darling is a man and an individual from the press he chooses to utilize the data to get Shirase into bed. Yet, Shirase actually has a significantly more harming secret... 3)The Long Night-Policeman Kayano is exploring the government agent in the service. His no. one suspect: ex-school companion and current darling Takashina. Might there be a relationship without trust? What is Takashina stowing away? 4)Escort-With successive vicious assaults in his possession, examiner Asami Shinobu is doled out a 24 hour guardian to protect him. Unfortunatly his guardian is a previous casual hookup named Saeki Yuuji. With Saeki in his own space consistently, Asami's sentiments are getting more messed up. 5)Suite Love-Hotel specialist Kuga is relegated to serve Japanese-American finance manager Touno. In any case, this isn't whenever they've first met, they have a past together as undergrads in America that Touno isn't going to allow Kuga to disregard. 6)The Morning Scene-Each couple is seen at 6 a.m. from Kayano and Takashina in Tokyo, to Kuga and Touno in Los Angeles.
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Sarou no Ryoshuu


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