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The Dreamers of the Louvre
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The Dreamers of the Louvre

To praise the tenth commemoration of the Louver's comic assortment, a progression of worldwide shows has been planned. The Taipei MoNTUE Museum, trailed by the Tainan Cultural Center, introduced the Taiwanese piece of this significant review by showing multiple hundred unique plates, preliminary drawings and video establishments. Then, between August 2016 and September 2017, the show follows a voyaging visit through Japan, beginning with the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Tokyo. At each phase of the presentation, Taiwanese and afterward Japanese craftsmen were welcome to take part in this task. It is their work that we replicate here. Their own looks, their unique societies and their solitary articulations send back new pictures of the Louvre, Rate this story

Chapter The Dreamers of the Louvre


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