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Tiger's Coming Down
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Tiger's Coming Down

Cheong-gyeong, a college student who got stranded in the snowy Baekdu Mountain during winter, was rescued by Baek-ho Baek-b**, a native of Baekdu Mountain. As he entered the territory of the gods, he has to erase his memories, but Baek-beom somehow doesn't want to let Cheong-gyeong go down. Cheong-gyeong and Baek-b** spent a season together. However, as a human, he couldn't leave his memories behind, so he eventually had to erase them and leave. Afterwards, he suffered from longing for Cheong-gyeong, and Baek-b** ended up making a bet with the heavens. He would go down to the human world with Cheong-gyeong and return to Baekdu Mountain in 100 days. Keep your eyes wide open. The tiger comes down from Baekdu Mountain.+
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On 6 months ago
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Chapter Tiger's Coming Down


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