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Trace 1.5
Status Completed
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Trace 1.5

The story set in the contemporary South Korea. Nearly 30 quite a while back, unidentified animals showed up out of the blue and have gone after individuals. They have caused enormous obliteration any place they go. The beasts are designated "Inconvenience", and get the world have fallen into turmoil. Alongside the main appearance of the "Inconveniences", some number of people were brought into the world with or obtained powerful capacities. These freaks called "Follow" are the ones in particular who can fend off the "Inconvenience". The "Follow" are likewise viewed as oddities and by and large evaded by the local area since some of them abused the powers for their own advantage. Follow Season 1.5 - Communicator Webtoon from Daum Rate this story

Chapter Trace 1.5


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