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What It Means To Be You?
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What It Means To Be You?

In trade for cleaning up the regal family's immense obligation, Princess Violet was shipped off wed Winter, the duke's ill-conceived child. "I've never seen such a magnificent man before in my life." Although Violet went gaga for her better half right away, their organized marriage was bound to fizzle all along. "Assuming it were simple, I could not have possibly come here. One time only together… .." "Do you understand how much cash has been moved while you've remained here, burning through my time?" After three years, Violet didn't know such a bustling man would even try to go to her memorial service. At the point when she chose to end everything… "What's happening… ." Violet vacantly gazed at herself in the room's full-body reflect. The individual gazing back at her was her significant other, Winter Blooming. For what reason did they switch bodies? "I surmise I've truly gone off the deep end now." To Help You Understand
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On 22 days ago
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Chapter What It Means To Be You?


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