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Yongou x Keibi - Single Mind
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Yongou x Keibi - Single Mind

From Fantasyshrine: V.01 - Single Mind S&D Securities - - the fourth Guard assembles smooth and insightful experts who are exceptionally prepared in battle. Notwithstanding, a foolish youth shows up and is never going to budge on adhering to the insight director, Taki Keiichi. Because of a past task, Taki grabbed the eye of the yakuza and is currently being sought after by this tenacious newbie to join. "I'm not disappearing until you either accompany me or kill me!" Entertained by his sincere solicitation, Taki offers for Yuuki to remain with him underhandedly. However, Taki begins to foster a craving to persecute the consistently faithful Yuuki... V.02 - Second Wind Kogami Shinobu is the main cool excellence of the Intelligence Department in the S&D Securities-the Fourth Guard, where smooth and wise experts assemble in overflow. Nonetheless, he doesn't appear to really focus on his accomplice, the laidback protector Miharu "Shin" Shinnosuke's interest. Can any anyone explain why Kogami obstinately will not do something enjoyable as well as profitable, as though he's frightened of it? Then, at that point, unexpectedly, Shin appears to definitely stand out to the new charge he should safeguard! What on earth will happen to their organization - !? V.03 - Third Party V.04 - Four Card(s) V.05 - Five Minutes V.06 - Zero Hour V.07 - Sixth Sigma V.08 - Seventh Heaven V.09 - Eight Knot(s) V.10 - Nine Lives V.11 - Ten Gong
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Yongou x Keibi - Single Mind


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