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Yuricam - Yurika no Campus Life
Status Ongoing
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Yuricam - Yurika no Campus Life

Yurika goes to a young ladies just school with a long custom of lesbian love, and as per reports, she's been with over portion of the 10,000 young ladies who go to the school! This gossip is humiliating to Yurika, and truly harms her opportunities to at any point get a sweetheart. Truly, for reasons unknown, she's simply totally powerful to ladies, even ladies who guarantee to be straight. At some point, Yurika gets a call from her Dad, telling her that his organization is bankrupt. He proposes that she make due with her charms, since he can never again assist her with cash. Is it time for Yurika to really begin exploiting her undesirable persona as a marvelous lesbian lover?
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Yuricam - Yurika no Campus Life


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