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Zion no Koeda
Status Completed
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Zion no Koeda

A previous Nazi authority is kept hostage by the savage youthful specialist who realizes him so great not entirely settled to make him pay for the past... 1) Zion no Koeda - Kapitel 1 2) Zion no Koeda - Kapitel 2 3) Chrysalis Lying harmed and close ridiculously on a combat zone, Douglas Carlisle hears an old, neglected call, and finds another motivation to live. 4) Netsu no Ori From Blissful Sin The Second Great War has broken out and Germany is overflowing with Nazi action. When a cultivated and commended piano player, Ernst presently invests his energy bound in the home of his past student, Albert. As the Nazi party starts its last walk towards the demolition of the Jewish public, Ernst battles to get by with Albert, a man whose convictions and sentiments firmly contrast. Will Ernst at any point fly free, or will Albert cut his wings and bind him to his side perpetually more? 5) Paldias 6) Zion no Koeda - paw additional 1 7) Zion no Koeda - paw additional 2 8) Zion no Koeda - paw additional 3 9) Zion no Koeda - Kapitel 3
Released 2 years ago
Posted On 2 years ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Zion no Koeda


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