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March Story
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March Story

From and so forth: "Things that ought not be moved by people some way or another track down their direction into this world. That is the reason you ought to never under any circumstance contact whatever is unfamiliar." Follow the undertakings of March, a Syste Behard, who chases ils-insidious animals that prowl in captivating articles. Among the calm towns and towns of eighteenth century Europe, evil presences known as the Ill stow away inside the most excellent show-stoppers, ignited to life by the torture of their makers. Drawn in by their gem like charm, the unwary wind up moved by the Ill and headed to horrendous demonstrations of brutality. Just the trackers of the Ciste Vihad can dissipate the Ill.March is one such tracker, following the Ill from one town to another to observe the collectibles that contain the devils before they can have anybody. Assuming the most obviously terrible has happened, March's full abilities are released to fight the insidious Ill. Brought into the world of misfortune, the relics all have their own stories to tell, as do every one of their casualties. In any case, March's story might be the most unfortunate of all.
Released 9 months ago
Posted On 9 months ago
Updated On 7 months ago
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