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Sweet II
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Sweet II

A assortment of brief tales: 1) 10 Days - Secondary school senior, Aiko, and 30-year-old Shirakawa are to have an organized marriage, so they choose to take a stab at being a couple for 10 days... 2) There's No Logic To Love! - Mayu can't move past her huge shock from being unloaded. However at that point a student from another school came to her group, and... 3) Happy Letter - Aiko is incredibly excited to accept her most memorable love letter. Yet, the source did exclude his name... 4) The Prince's Maid - She's just in secondary school, and having an organized marriage!? Additionally her accomplice might be rich, yet he's her cohort... 5) An Adult's Love/A Child's Affair - Norika is going out with a functioning man. She's just in secondary school, yet she lied, letting him know she's working as well... 6) My Sweet Honey - Kimi has experienced passionate feelings for the school's "sovereign", Ken. Nothing remained at that point but to simply look at him, yet he out of nowhere turned into her beau!? Rate this story

Chapter Sweet II


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