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Time To Dedicate Your Death
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Time To Dedicate Your Death

When a forty year old Illian opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a small hand. An old mercenary, who went back 10 years in past and turned into a twelve year old child, Haven Winter! First of all the family that is falling apart must be re-established, Now that he is back in the past, he must protect the thing he couldn't protect in his previous life. Howeverthe guy who bothered him in the previous life is getting in his way in this life too. " Because you're not Illian Heinrich." What the hell was my past self to you?RAW UP SETIAP MINGGU MALAM / Time To Dedicate Your Death | | Saatnya Mendedikasikan Kematian mu | waktu untuk mendedikasikan kematianmu / It's time to sacrifice your death
Released 2 months ago
Posted On 2 months ago
Updated On 4 days ago
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Chapter Time To Dedicate Your Death


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