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Grant My Wish Aizen
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Grant My Wish Aizen

Aizen Kanou, named after the God of Love, is nearly scared of young ladies and his karma isn't going to get any better when he wants for a hot young lady... also, the soul of his family concedes him one - himself. Thus Aizen become female to his complete disappointment. From Baka-Updates: Aizen Kanou, very much like any secondary school kid, longs for a sweetheart. In any case, he's so agonizingly timid he escapes when any young lady attempts to converse with him. But his cherished companion, Yuzu, who admonishes him for being so bashful. In any case, she abandons a sanctuary love-engage. That evening in his room Kanou utilizes the appeal to request paradise award him his desire for a lovely young lady. At the point when he gets up in the first part of the day, he observes his desire has been allowed - and the delightful young lady is himself.
Released 9 months ago
Posted On 9 months ago
Updated On 7 months ago
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