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Itsuwari No Mori
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Itsuwari No Mori

The Mori (woods adventure) series. 1) Otoyami no Mori - Yume no Koe While visiting the market one day, Doctor Ao stumbles over a stand where they're selling devils and hesitantly buys one as his own. Albeit the devil has been dealt with brutally previously, he meets generosity at his new expert's hands and comes to discover a genuine sense of harmony with him. In any case, when that harmony is compromised might they at any point find their direction back to one another?! Or on the other hand will the devil vanish for good?! 2) Yumeoi no Mori An injured teacher finds that when he rises and shines he is in the catch of a youthful evil spirit. 3) Itsuwari no Mori Yuusu is the disregarded lone offspring of an affluent lady, and the main thoughtfulness he got as a kid was from one of her pet devils, Hugh. Yuusu's full grown now, and can't grasp Hugh's frigidity towards him, so he frequently mishandles Hugh to definitely stand out. Be that as it may, Yuusu's control's go excessively far... 4) Yoru Utau Mori Continuation tale about the characters from Yumeoi no Mori when they are more established. 5) Mori ni Shizumu Tsuki 6) Yurusareta Uta Humans save devils as slaves or pets for battling, security, and sex however there is one, Zai who will not battle. Zai is unique since he can utilize sorcery by making spells with his tunes, yet he will not sing as well... will he, for his master?
Released 9 months ago
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Chapter Itsuwari No Mori


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