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Aewol's Dream
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Aewol's Dream

Instead of acquiring the force of the hoop and acquiring solid strength, individuals of Miao are stifled close by impacts, the two families Aewol and Fanhwa who endure the emergency of termination many quite a while back, both live discreetly in the western piece of the mainland, filling in as a gatekeeper for Dang Juhwan. At some point, 'Juno' a delegate of the God of Yokai, drops to the ground and articulates a 'preliminary' on individuals of Miao. In the event that they can't address the baffling experience, both of them will vanish and individuals of Miao will vanish from the earth ..! Could Aewol and Fanhwa at any point beat this emergency? Furthermore, for what reason did the difficulty come to Miao?
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
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Chapter Aewol's Dream


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