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Blame Gakuen! And So On
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Blame Gakuen! And So On

Collection of Blame-related brief tales: • Zeb-Noid A ridiculous conflict that traverses millenniums. Two officers set off to kill one another. An experience that could change their two species' destiny until the end of time. • Fault Academy! • Fault Academy! - Tokyo and Nara Under One Umbrella • Fault Academy! - Under the Tower of Blooming Sakura • Package • Fault! NSE (NSE: Netsphere Engineer) The much-anticipated continuation of BLAME! follows a man, called a Dismantler, who is responsible for sub-isolating the nexus towers that incurr Safeguard obstruction upon its recognition of people without the net terminal qualities. Yet again in spite of the fact that people can dwell in the Net circle, the Safeguard are as yet a danger. The Dismantler or NSE, or Net circle engineer, goes on an excursion to help humanity in their endurance. • Siphon • Blame!² The hero is a relative of Pcell. This story happens quite a while after the occasions of Blame!. This youthful silicon animal knows well the ruin that Killy brought and chooses to move towards the finish of the megastructure, to search for him. • Numa no Kami • Winged Armor Suzumega While it's not unequivocally referenced in the story, it's accepted that Suzumega is to some degree fairly connected with Abara since it includes the Gaunas. - Kotonoha
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Chapter Blame Gakuen! And So On


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