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Bring It On!
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Bring It On!

By Strawberrie: This a diverting shoujo manwha about the hot-blooded young lady, Miha Li. One morning, Miha finds a bishonen in the school's evolving room. She confuses him with a degenerate and punches him on the spot... Be that as it may, he ends up being, as a matter of fact, the new student from another school, Han Cheng Shu!? Spitfire Miha is a very dynamic and cutthroat young lady who hates to lose. She's such a spitfire that even young men dread her, precisely the manner in which her underhanded sibling believed her should be. Bishonen Seung-suh is another student from another school who has the looks, fascinate and the longing to deeply inspire her. Can this male magnificence tame the monster? Will the insidious sibling of the monster let them be together and live cheerfully ever later? Bring it on!
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On 9 months ago
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Chapter Bring It On!


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