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Densen Complex
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Densen Complex

A assortment of short, mixed romantic tales, including a few forbidden ones. 1). Until the Ice Melts and Turns to Blood. The Karaoke staff refer to her as "the desolate young lady." She leases a room the entire evening and won't return home. Why? Also, what might Nogami at any point say to help her? 2). Self destruction Note. Two enchanting young ladies, Michi and Rina, choose to take their lives this day. As the day closes we gradually find the reason why: both the loathsomeness - and the expectation. 3). White. It happened once, a long time back... Presently it's the sum of everything on Minako's mind. She longs to rehash it. In any case, how does her sibling feel...? 4). Yellow. She simply maintains that her sibling should take a gander at her- - truly view at her as a young lady, in addition to a sister. 5). Blue. They were at long last rejoined after their folks separated. She can't avoid her affections for him any longer. Yet, will she lose everything for one evening of euphoria? 6). Preclusion. A walk together. A sneaked kiss. Tears. 7). Moon River. A youngster endlessly studies terrified of his own concerns of falling flat. Until he meets a young lady with her very own particular issue by the waterway... 8). Severe Cakes. Miho meets with her companion Natsuki, who is visually impaired. Natsuki confides in her different faculties - and herself. In any case, Miho confides in nobody - yet maybe confides in her eyes excessively a lot... 9). Love Horizon. A young lady sees her secondary school crush by some coincidence, yet something is altogether different about him. 10). The Day It Rained. A short political piece with respect to a young fellow, and a doll. 11). No Count. A little kid figures out that her most memorable kiss was with her oniichan.
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