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Dragon Kishidan Gaiden: One Day, Another Day
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Dragon Kishidan Gaiden: One Day, Another Day

A assortment of Dragon Kishidan oneshots and side stories: At some point, Another Day Set before the finish of the series, it's fundamentally a side story of a day in the Dragon Castle, sort of in Zoma's point of view. Juuji ni Hikaru Hoshi Happens before the occasions of the real series. This is a history that shows how Lykouleon and Raselane met, presenting Lykouleon's uncle, Fieruto. Mamono no Mori no Kioku Another origin story that digs somewhat more into the connection among Bierrez and Cesia before the series began. It additionally shows how Nadil turned into the evil spirit master. Most joyful Children This really has three minimal side stories in it. The first is about Rune's fantasy about everybody cross-dressed, the second is about a little experience that the three mythical beasts go on, and afterward the third resembles an average day for Alfeegi, Ri-mama, and Duma. Crescendo History about how Lykouleon and Kaistern met and how Kaistern then turned into the Blue Dragon Officer. Admission - Thats This is fundamentally the history of Thatz and how he had some awareness of Rath's private business. Admission - Rath Fundamentally educating a great deal regarding Rath, especially his relationship with Kaister.
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Chapter Dragon Kishidan Gaiden: One Day, Another Day


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