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Hayate No Gotoku!
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Hayate No Gotoku!

Ayasaki Hayate is just 16 years of age when he's unwanted, passing on him to battle for himself against the yakuza, who are after his organs to settle his folks' enormous betting obligation. Searching for an approach to some way or another secure 157 million yen before he is cut up by hoodlums, he coincidentally finds a rich young lady whom he can abduct and emancipate. The main issue: he's an awful crook, and winds up saving her life from other would-be hijackers and clearly admits his affection for her. To work off his obligation, the young lady, Nagi (who is persuaded that Hayate is infatuated with her), and her house cleaner Maria (who knows in any case), permit him to fill in as a steward at their manor. Hayate's residency as a head servant is difficult, nonetheless, and is loaded up with talking tigers, destructive robots, desirous family members, and overall diversion. Serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday + Rate this story

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