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Higyaku no Noel
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Higyaku no Noel

Noel Cerquetti, a young lady who lost her arms and legs in an agreement, cooperates with the incredible fallen angel Caron, to seek her retribution against one man. This man - named the "pride of the residents" - is Burrows, the city chairman of LaPlace. For what reason is this young lady irately looking for vengeance against this unmatched man, cherished by individuals for carrying harmony to LaPlace that was once overwhelmed by the mafia? While temperamental without her appendages, Noel doesn't abandon her way of retribution, as Caron observes savagely, now and again putting his own life in danger to help her. With retaliation, the pair starts their pursuit after Burrows.
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On 10 months ago
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Chapter Higyaku no Noel


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