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Inspired by his granddad's abilities, Kiriyama Kyoutarou's fantasy is to turn into a beautician. For that he signs up for Yumemino Private Academy, otherwise called Tech High, the primary joined specialized secondary school in the country, all the more explicitly he signs up for the Beautician Department. Much to his dismay that his neighbor in class is Samejima Alto, a notorious female delinquent famous for her gigantic strength. Indeed, even after that gathering his school life ends up being very significant as he coincidentally finds a strange icon's mysterious practice, finds an association with the greatest new to the scene symbol around and gets a fairly startling solicitation from the unfortunate Samejima - "Could you at any point transform me into an idol!?". A tale about following your fantasies, in any event, when everything and everybody appears to accept they're unsuitable thinking about who you are.
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