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Itoshi Kingyo
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Itoshi Kingyo

A assortment of brief tales. - Dearest Goldfish: Ai and Jin are cherished companions and neighbors. Whenever they were kids, Ai got a goldfish from Jin and she dealt with it from that point forward, yet at some point, Jin chooses to leave for an explanation Ai presently can't seem to be aware. - Genuine expectations: Mizuho is a secondary school young lady who doesn't get that her companion Ootsuka is fixated on UFOs. In any case, when Niizaka, the famous young lady, begins genuinely appreciate Ootsuka and his advantage, Mizuho must choose the option to concede her affections for her companion. - Star Romance: Michiaki is a defiant secondary school understudy, which his companion Miyo is stressed over. Playing his play imagine since his mom's passing, can Michiaki return to his detects? - Life is white: it's a misfortune day for the Capricorns. Sadly, Yae-chan and Sou-chan are the two capricorns. Add to that a secret box and here's a white experience! - Your eyes: Yuika, a brilliant secondary school young lady longs for her cherished sweetheart Yuuya to take a gander at her, however his genuine romance is football. The day Yuika meets a baffling outsider, everything changes.
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