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Juuza Engi - Engetsu Sangokuden
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Juuza Engi - Engetsu Sangokuden

The Juuza. That is the name given to those of the thirteenth Zodiac: the feline individuals. Seen as a disgusting and derisive race, they carry on with an existence of segregation away from natural eyes. Notwithstanding, as the finish of the Han Dynasty moves close, the ascent of the Yellow Scarves has tossed the place that is known for the Three Kingdoms into strife. As armed forces meet, a youthful Juuza lady named Kan'u and her town are constrained out of their serene lives as Sousou and his corrective power press their direction into the village.
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Chapter Juuza Engi - Engetsu Sangokuden


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