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Kaikan Fortune
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Kaikan Fortune

Chapter 1: Kanbe is enamored with his chief, Tatsuya, who is physically hassling him, so he chooses to visit a soothsayer. Can the soothsayer help him? Section 2: Tatsuya takes Kanbe to a fashionable party where they meet Kazuki-Tatsuya's old understudy from when he was a mentor. Kazuki could look youthful and blameless however truly he's a little fallen angel with a sweet face and presently he's withering to nail Kanbe! Could this be a trio? Part 3: When Kanbe arranges an agreement with another organization, the attractive director has one condition prior to tolerating the agreement Kanbe should lay down with him! How will Tatsuya respond when he looks into this foul proposition? Section 4: Homeroom educator and pleasant person Tokunaga consented to go out with his loafer understudy Mochizuki on the off chance that he will begin being more focused on school. At some point, Mochizuki hears Tokunaga discussing him with another instructor and it appears as though he's not a particularly decent person all things considered?! How will Mochizuki respond? Section 5: Shibata Keigo, a top who prefers the "youthful, short and charming" type, winds up drawn to Saiga Naoki, his suburdiate at work. Saiga isn't exactly his sort he's excellent, tall and more established than what Shibata ordinarily goes for however it appears as though Saiga has eyes for him and even requests that he go with him on an excursion for work! Shibata concurs yet he's in for a major astonishment when the two at last get into bed. Section 6: Saiga finds that Shibata has been wasting time with charming youthful folks once more. Discipline is all together! Section 7: It seems as though Shibata can't resist the urge to be drawn to charming young men. Saiga has a few intends to settle this once and for all...
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