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Kimi Ni Furetara
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Kimi Ni Furetara

Summary by Manga Abyss: 1) After school finished, in the medical attendant's office. I looked into Senpai's "secret." Don't make that tormented face. For the present, disregard that young lady and kindly enjoy me. 2) Monopolize-Hana's companion Shinobu was a geeky kid who formed into a very cool person, yet he doesn't have any acquaintance with it! Hana keeps him in glasses so nobody will see the way attractive he is. Hana is conflicted between her responsibility and her possessive nature. 3) Masshiro Valentine-When Misa's beau says a final farewell to her to date her companion, she's squashed. An attractive outsider Yuki tells her, "I am aware of you, since I love you." 4) Love Costume-Ichigo loves cosplay and her beau, Hayato. Be that as it may, he possibly appears to be energetic when she's in ensemble... 5) I Will Comfort You-Nanami loves Ichijyou. Be that as it may, Ichijyou as of now has a sweetheart. He says a final farewell to her and goes to Nanami... Peruse this manga from right to left
Released a year ago
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Chapter Kimi Ni Furetara


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