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Medaka Box
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Medaka Box

The storyline follows Medaka Kurokami, an attractive and engaging first year Hakoniwa Academy understudy who's chosen Student Council President with 98% of the vote. She tends to these petitions in her ill-advised manner, and with all the assistance with her experience growing up pal Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, foundations an idea box. On the range of the account, the understudy board initiative spots are disseminated by her to different students like Mogana Kikaijima and Kouki Akune. The Student Council discovers that the institute executive means to start some work to intensely trial and error on routine understudies, the Flask Plan, called Normals, so you can transform them into Abnormals, that is individuals with godlike powers. The Student Council clashes with different understudies which are involved utilizing the work and penetrates the mysterious lab of the school. Before long, Misogi Kumagawa who wishes to supplant the Student Council with one of his own of Medaka difficulties to a title the Student Council. From his powers, two understudies are unlocked after the loss of Kumagawa and complete their vehicle to Hakoniwa Academy. The 2 will generally be more solid than Abnormals and are named "Not Equals". Their chief, Anshin'in, takes steps to restart the Flask Plan once Medaka graduates, driving their replacements to be prepared by the Student Council. By and by, the exact technique of Anshin'in is have the remaining as Student Council President of Zenkichi usurp Medaka. Zenkichi succeeds and does as such on the misrepresentation of upgrading the understudy life. He persuades Medaka to allow the Flask Plan for those individuals who are not reluctant. Took over from her obligations as leader of the Student Council, Medaka in no time becomes associated with a title to decide her significant other. Medaka turns into the victor, deciding to marry Zenkichi after the two of them graduate and enters herself. Not long after, the nearby buddy Hansode Shiranui of Zenkichi leaves the school. Zenkichi and medaka find she's to turn out to be one more host for Iihiko Shishime, a 5000-year old being. He is crushed by medaka and disappears subsequent to stopping the moon from crashing towards the Earth, essentially to return in time for the year end administration. Following her return, expect her father's situation in front of her family's organization combination, the Kurokami Group, just to later return as the new administrator and Medaka decides to leave the foundation. A decade later, Zenkichi, had moved gradually up the Kurokami Group, turning into a general specialist prior to rejoining with her, with both promising to never get parted again. Rate this story

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