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Namida mo Tooku - Aonibi no Nemuri
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Namida mo Tooku - Aonibi no Nemuri

1-3) Blue Gray Dream After the disappointment endeavor of eloping with his client, Shiki (Purple Ghost), a male whore, surrendered his expect love… until Ootori-master went along. Will Shiki at long last observe what he had been searching for… !? So imagine a scenario where there's an enormous hole on their social standings, what's so off-base about residing and cherishing for the occasion. Partake in this illegal romantic tale losing money light area. 4) Untied Heartbeat Shinobu and Washizaki headed out in different directions in the most ridiculously horrible of conditions and after the numerous years that have passed, Shinobu is as yet scarred by the occurrence. At the point when Washizaki gets back to Japan and looks for therapy for disease at Shinobu's emergency clinic, Shinobu should confront his past and observe a goal to the troublesome sentiments he's secret somewhere inside. 5) Heartthrob Prince Noriaki, an ordinary Japanese secondary school understudy gets to know student from another school, Zeid, a ruler from abroad. As Zeid acclimates himself to Japan, Noriaki, albeit baffled with Zeid's wrecked Japanese, finds the sovereign progressively more magnetic and beguiling. Might Zeid at any point fascinate his direction into Noriaki's heart, and eventually, his bed?
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Chapter Namida mo Tooku - Aonibi no Nemuri


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