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Omamori Himari
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Omamori Himari

Seven years back, the guardians of Yuto Amakawa died in a car collision, letting him be without the sole thing left of his family, a solitary relative being a puzzling and impossible to miss special necklace given to him by his late grandmother. Since the time that time, his experience growing up amigo Rinko Kuzaki (and her parents[ch. 1]) has cooked for and dealt with him. Whenever he meets a feline evil presence samurai lady, Himari his life takes an extreme turn. Himari unveils to him that some of his progenitors were important for the twelve Demon Slayer families which were killing evil presences in light of the fact that the medieval age. She's made a solemn vow to safeguard Yuto from the fiends which are out to obliterate him, yet the unfavorably susceptible response to felines of Yuto makes it genuinely difficult to deal with. Later on, Yuto falls upon different ladies who begin to appreciate him: Shizuku, a mizuchi through of a small child; Lizlet, a tsukumogami through of a shapely tea-serving house keeper; and Kuesu, still one more Demon Slayer who's uncovered to be Yuto's fiancee as well as a man from Yuto's lost past. As the show advances, the gathering as well as Yuto fall upon some solid ayakashi, with a couple of them being partners, and Yuto at last pursues a life changing decision to battle on account of his assessment of conjunction among ayakashi and individual. Rate this story

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