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Red Storm
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Red Storm

Red Storm is an on-going week after week manhwa/webtoon assortment drawn by Ahm Hyun and made by Noh Kyungchan. Red Storm follows the life and encounters of Yulian Provoke, the Young Glow (Glow is a name like Chieftan) of the Pareia Tribe, who fantasies about turning into the most impressive fighter of the Red Desert. The early divides of the account center around Yulian get together Noya, a solid person from another estimation, who educates him a special style and later turns into his master. As the account progresses, the manhwa recounts Yulian's point of fostering a gathering of fighters adequately strong to fix any issue called "Red Storm". Red Storm Novel Prior to getting a webtoon red Storm was initial a book. The author, Kyungchan Noh, had composed a novel, named from an indistinguishable name, in the whole year of 2006. It was subsequently that this sam-e novel became obliged into a webtoon, delivered by Daum, by the whole year of 2012. It was distributed by Rok Media with in excess of 300 300 pages for all of the 6 volumes sent off - including of ordinary 7 sections each. It was thereafter republished by Intime Network, to be re-surfaced, as a promptly accessible on-line novel by March 2014. At this point, the Korean Novel isn't authorized in to different dialects of. Rate this story

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