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Deadly synthetic compounds, guinea pigs, transformations to the qualities and a secretive instance of death. Shamans- - individuals who can see and treat the dead. One of them frequently sees a young lady - the young lady his progression sibling stifled to death. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is a town with a strong shaman family. The Shaman-either white : offsetting life and wiping out dimness by spells, or dark : benefiting from the force of other haziness. Johwi has been in a contention with himself since the time that "episode." Scarred by his past, he has been carrying on with his life keeping away from anything to do with profound powers.Despising his own shaman powers he was conceived with(a medium), he attempts to carry on with life as an ordinary person...until he at last needs to come to a choice of if to confront reality.And his choice of if to break the seal that has controlled his puzzling power up to this point, with the gamble of realizing that it is uncontrollable...and could remove a bigger number of lives than necessary...Can Johwi conquer his inward demons? Rate this story

Chapter Shaman


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