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Shirokuro Tsukeru?
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Shirokuro Tsukeru?

Eight quite a while back, Mio, the princess of the White Kingdom, and Sakuya, the second ruler of the Dark Kingdom, became companions when she lost all sense of direction in the woodland and Sakuya helped her. They were companions until one day, three years prior, she was sucked into an opening and disappeared, and not set in stone to see as her. In the a long time since her vanishing, he became companions with her more established sibling, Rui, the second sovereign of the White Kingdom, despite the fact that their two realms don't get along. At some point, while messed around, an opening opened up overhead and a young lady dropped out of it. Sakuya had imagined this could occur, however who is this young lady and for what reason did she fall into paradise?!
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
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Chapter Shirokuro Tsukeru?


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