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Taiyou ni Nurete
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Taiyou ni Nurete

1-2) Soaked by the Sun A delightful student from another school, Takayama is frail and frequently missing from the PE illustration, since he has an aversion to daylight. He is harassed by different understudies, yet an exceptionally attractive and cool understudy, Kasai attempts to help him. 3) Mosaic Boy Legend has changed into a young lady when his heartbeat increments since a sexually open butterfly qualities were infused into him by his dad, an insane lab rat. He is cherished by an attractive colleague. 4) Scramble Papa The champion's beau is compelled to prepare for the job of Yamato Nadeshiko - genuine japanese righteous lady - and goes to see her dad to straightforwardly deal 5) Goodbye Hello A curse is moved by another kid who petitions God for his sweetheart's karma with a basic heart.
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Chapter Taiyou ni Nurete


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