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Tarinai Futari
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Tarinai Futari

Shioumi is a people-pleasing salaryman who's always unable to become a special person to the person he likes and he always gets stuck becoming just a "nice guy" instead. And now, he currently has feelings for his married boss which he's been hiding behind his smiles. Bannai is his always expressionless colleague who he just can't seem to get used to until one day, Bannai pointed out Shioumi's unrequited love for their boss and asked him the puzzling question of, "How does it feel like to love someone?". Right after that, Bannai suddenly asked Shioumi out saying, "Please try going out with me"...!? I want to love the "real" you, not the you who's putting up an appearance or as someone else's replacement. An overly awkward and robotic man X a pitiful people-pleaser. This is how these two office workers come to learn the essence of love as they begin their trial relationship
Released 6 months ago
Posted On 6 months ago
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Chapter Tarinai Futari


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