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The Guide To Capturing A Black Lotus
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The Guide To Capturing A Black Lotus

Ling Miaomiao immigrated into a book. She turned into the cannon grain young lady No.3 she actually needs to complete those incredibly antique missions?! It's as of now enough that she needs to indulge the connection between the first male and female lead, however she additionally needs to 'overcome' the horrible and cruel Black Lotus, Mu Sheng?! How hard might this at any point be? Virtuoso Miaomiao will vanquish you now~ Wait a moment, the plotline's bearing is apparently less than ideal, for what reason is the Black Lotus giving close consideration to Ling Miaomiao? Might it at any point be that Miaomiao's spring day has arrived?
Released a year ago
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Chapter The Guide To Capturing A Black Lotus


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