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The Predator’S Contracted Fiancée
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The Predator’S Contracted Fiancée

"You shouldn't have crossed this line, Elisha, on the off chance that you didn't believe it should be this way." A tough arm folded over her influencing body. Her head became cloudy and a purposeful hot sweet murmur was pulled out of her. 'How on earth did I get myself in this present circumstance — ' Elisha reviewed. This never occurred. 'Better believe it, I recollect.' Her future wherein she would turn into the phony courtesan to an evil man from a similar family, and would be eaten to death — even down to her bone marrow. A future wherein the Cartier ducal family is involved in a battle for control and divided. To stay away from that future, Elisha gave herself wholeheartedly to Lucerne, the archrival of her previous life. Better believe it. Everything looked great. She knew this man, when her relapse. She definitely realized he was the most famous crazy person in the Empire. 20-year-old Elisha owes 30,000 gold coins (around 15 billion won in Korean cash or around 15 million in USD). In the wake of traveling once more into the past, to keep away from a shocking life due to obligation, she turns into the most fit ill-conceived kid on the planet and visits Lucerne, the chief rival of her lord. "What is it that you expect from me?" "If it's not too much trouble, loan me some cash. Also… make me your subordinate. I'll give you all the data I have." "For what reason would it be a good idea for me I trust you?" "I'll surrender myself as security." Lucerne paid attention to Elisha and watched her unobtrusively. "Alright. Yet, I choose how to manage the guarantee." "… … ." "As a matter of first importance, wed me." "… … huh?" Elisha didn't expect it by the same token. That her data exchange would turn into a marriage contract. 포식자의 혼약자 / The Predator's Contract Partner/The Predator's Fiancée/The Predator's Lovely Fiance
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Chapter The Predator’S Contracted Fiancée


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