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The World God Only Knows
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The World God Only Knows

Keima Katsuragi, a subsequent year secondary school student, is an energetic player of lady games (computer games that require connections with anime-styled pretty young ladies). However, in his school life that was genuine, Keima is known as an overly critical portmanteau of the two words megane and otaku, otamega. Toward the beginning of show, Keima gets an email offering him an agreement to "overcome" young ladies and, accepting it's a greeting into a game test, he takes. Accordingly, a guile fallen angel from Hell named Elsie shows up: a Spirit Hunter. Elsie proposes the main genuine answer for drive the malicious spirits outside is by "winning" the young ladies' hearts, making them go gaga for him and topping off the holes that the at large evil spirits cover in, where she is then in a situation to get them. Intrigued uniquely in gaming young ladies, in any case, as he's no cozy genuine encounters at all Keima is dismayed by the idea, and denies the obligation. Nonetheless, along with the agreement previously assented, Keima must choose between limited options anyway to help Elsie come what may, as they will be guillotined through an imperceptible (to other people) purple collar around their necks when they disregard. Every sister is inert in the focal point of a young lady among those they've recently helped, so Keima thump their hearts and should carve out them a subsequent opportunity. This time nonetheless, they review the gatherings he's had with them because of goddesses inside them, as he endeavors to beat the young ladies simultaneously causing perpetual possible disappointment and high strain. By and by, his time is confined as an agitator fiend group called "Rare" is going to get the goddesses and take in the world. Keima starts seeing dreams of a recognizable youngster's to him, after Vintage's arrangements are upset. The goddesses send Elsie and Keima to days gone by of helping her along with the gig. After showing up, they group up utilizing a baffling young lady who apparently has some connection with Dokuro, Elsie's top notch in the hidden world, and Keima tracks down that few episodes before are unmistakable from what he came about, in an awful chain of occasions which he ought to turn away to ensure that the current remaining parts unaltered, alongside another demon group which discharges goliath humanoid animals. As Keima completes his last task, he has the ability to make up with this and tracks down reality with regards to among the goliaths. In spite of the fact that Elsie chooses to remain with him, he could be reduced in the collar and gets back to his normal life, in actuality. Then, at that point, he pronounces his adoration for Chihiro Kosaka, among the young ladies who has delighted in him from the beginning. Alongside Keima's rom-com encounters, the show satires and ridicules normal, and famous maxims about dating sims, anime character generalizations, and mainstream society. is created and delineated by Tamiki Wakaki, serialized since April 9, 2008 in the Japanese manga magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday. Kami-sama!!" . Haksan Culture Company licenses in South Korea the assortment, as well as the underlying two volumes of the chain has been simultaneously delivered with restricted release addendum for each on August 2009. Other various data is contained. The manga series that was true has finished as of April 16, 2014, with sections that were 268. Other manga: Rate this story

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