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Trauma Ryoushi Kesshou
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Trauma Ryoushi Kesshou

From MangaHelpers: Tokitou Haruto, during his most memorable year in center school, lost every one of his companions on account of a Science Fiction novel he had perused. He was so immersed in the original that he began referring to men as "Kei" and the women "Florlain," which had spread all through the school around then. Incapable to adapt to the abrupt avoidance, Haruto kept on separating himself all through his center school years. Presently, as a first year high schooler, Haruto faces a new "issue." One easygoing day at school, the study hall turns out to be totally still. Once more, time has halted. Having encountered this time-stop on various occasions, Haruto starts to contemplate whether this time-stop is really a fantasy. However, all of this uncertainty stops when he meets Sakazaki Kuon, another person who knows and encounters the time-stop. She is additionally important for a group of individuals who shields the world from beasts who assault the world utilizing this time-stop aspect: Kohakjal. What connection does Haruto have with an off gathering time-stop beasts? Might it at some point be that he's the no one but who can genuinely fend them off? [Midori-Mori]
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Chapter Trauma Ryoushi Kesshou


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