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Zettai Kareshi
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Zettai Kareshi

From Viz: Rejected too often by attractive (and out of reach) folks, bashful Riiko Izawa goes on the web and pursues a free preliminary of a puzzling Nightly Lover "figure." The extremely following day a charming bare person is conveyed to her entryway, and he needs to be her sweetheart! Has Riiko found paradise? The charming person ends up being sweet, shrewd, an extraordinary cook, and parts more. What's more, he looks just plain amazing, which is the thing he will cost Riiko on the off chance that she doesn't return him in time... *Includes two opposite side stories in the last volume called: • Ohoshisama ni wa Sasemasen! (I Won't Let You Become A Star!) - An extraordinary brief tale that was distributed in a gift book put out in Sho-Comi. Slipping into a young men's school to annihilate apparitions! Be that as it may, what is the kid Chima has generally respected doing there...!? - ShoujoMagic • Shounen Aromatic (Aromatic Boy) - Kabuki Takitsugu is a kid who has the family quality of smell. He can smell anybody's scent and track down their ideal pair. At some point, a secretive young lady named Hatsune shows up before him, requesting that he track down a counterpart for her. However, oddly enough.. Hatsune doesn't have a scent. Rate this story

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