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Ciel~the Last Autumn Story~
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Ciel~the Last Autumn Story~

With the creator's trademark humor and inventiveness, the work portrays one young lady's dream experience. Yvien Magnolia's magnificence enlarges the little residents' eyes she is living however she never knew what her future would be, since it is foreordained too high to even think about envisioning for her at that time.... As the master of the estate attempts to capture her, Yvien escapes to Lowood Institution for wizardry and black magic she never remembered to go abandoning her loved ones. Yet again in the school, she meets intriguing individuals, similar to, January Lightsphere who sparkles purple atmosphere contrasted with his honorable yet unconventional family, and Lariatte, a customary contender family's successor, who will be her nearest mate. Rate this story

Chapter Ciel~the Last Autumn Story~


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